UL Listed Plenum Red Cable Ties

UL Listed Plenum Red Cable TiesWhile no one likes paying more than they have to for something so thing like a cable tie, there are times when  UL listed red plenum cable ties approved for air handling spaces  are required.  I have seen some jobs where a vendor will supply plenum rated cable, and then sell the customer a standard cable tie rather than a UL listed or plenum cable tie.  Many times it is just an oversight and truth be known, many times it is overlooked by some inspectors.  We experienced an inspector who did not like a certain UL listed hanger and made our contractor jump through hoops to use them, but allowed standard cable ties.  UL listed cable ties used to be quite expensive and some offerings still are.  We offer a red UL listed plenum cable tie in both 8″ and 15″ lengths, with a 50# tensile strength that won’t break the bank.  Both sizes are made in the USA.  We have been selling these for years, they really are a quality tie.  FYI a 8″ cable tie will hold up to a 1-3/4″ bundle and a 15″ should handle up to a 4″ diameter bundle.  Plenum cable ties do not have to be red but it is a good way to differentiate between standard and plenum cable ties.  Our ties are packed in 100 count bags and are clearly marked as UL listed for use in air handling spaces.

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