Toggler Brand Strap Toggle Bolt Anchors

toggler brand strap toggle bolt anchorToggle bolts are one of the basics of any installers kit.  Toggler Brand Strap Toggles should be the standard toggle bolt!  Toggler strap toggles are so much easier to install than a standard toggle bolt.  Just drill a 1/2″ hole (as opposed to a 5/8″ or 3/4″ for standard toggles), slip in, zip up and break off the plastic straps.  The Toggler strap toggle allows you to use a shorter screw as well as you don’t have to acommodate the extra length of the folded toggle wings.  The anchors will work on drywall from 3/8″ to 5/8″ drywall and the manufacture boasts that in 5/8″ drywall the toggle bolt will hold up to 365 lbs.  I know what you are thinking, who in their right mind would hang 365 lbs on a toggle bolt.  I agree, but you will see as you use these strap toggles, they are very secure and your best bet for fastening to drywall.

Now here is one of my favorite things about the Toggler strap toggle, removal.  If you have an application where you may need to remove something you have installed, and you will eventually, your know what a pain unscrewing a standard toggle bolt can be.  With the strap toggle, you just back out the screw.  If you need to install or replace, the threads are still there waiting for you in place.  Typically the anchors are are shipped without screws so make sure you grab some as well.

Check out the install video on the Toggler Strap Toggle here and you will see why these are the toggle bolt anchor of choice for easy installation and removal.

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