Tie Wire Wedge Anchors

Pre Tied Tie Wedge AnchorTie Wire Wedge AnchorWhile shooting pre tied ceiling clips to a concrete ceiling is one of the fastest ways to suspend grid wire or pencil rod, there are times when you are not allowed to shoot by the management of the facility or because of the make up of the concrete.  In this application, using a tie wire wedge anchor will fit the bill nicely.  A tie wire wedge anchor is very similar to a standard wedge anchor that you would use to bolt racks and other equipment to a poured concrete floor.  Instead of a threaded stud, you are left with an eye that you can fasten jack chain or ceiling grid wire to.  Installation is simple, just drill a 1/4″ hole, hammer in the tie wire wedge and give a tug.  One advantage a tie wire wedge anchor offers over shooting is more holding power and a sure set every time.  Tie wire wedge anchors are available pre tied with to both 4′ and 6′ ceiling grid wire.  With our ODM overhead drill machine, you now have the luxury of installing these anchors from the floor!  Check out the video at our site.  Next time you can’t use your Ramset or Hilti tool for shooting up grid wire, check out the easy to use tie wire wedge anchor.

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