Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are another item that we have sold for years that many of our contractors are surprised that we handle. They are one of those little products that you may use from time to time and usually end up running to Home Depot and try to find the right one to fit the bill.

We are selling eye bolts more and more for use when mounting sound masking equipment including speakers. They are also useful for suspending signage, heavier duct work and a variety of equipment from the ceiling or for support cables.

Installation of eye bolts is fairly straight forward. For bar joists a simple hammer on beam clamp can work. If your equipment is a little heavier, you may want a screw type beam clamp as they have more threads. For mounting to the metal deck or purlin you can use Sammy Screw type anchor. There are few variations available. Mounting to wood is easy with a Sammy Screw. To concrete, a simple drop in will secure your eye bolt. If it is post tension concrete, make sure it is a shallow drop in.

We have added a couple of the most common eye bolts to our site with full dimensions. We will be adding more so if you need anything from a 10-24 thread to a 3/8-16″ call us or send an email, we can get them.