Stainless Steel Bridle Rings

Stainless Steel Bridle Rings Stainless Steel Bridle RingsStainless Steel Bridle Rings.  If your application is in a harsh environment containing certain chemicals or outdoor use, you may be looking for a stainless steel bridle ring.  Our bridle rings are 316 stainless for added corrosion resistance.  Available in both 1-1/4″ and 2″ diameters with either a screw end made to screw directly into wood or a 1/4-20 thread version.  The 1/4-20 thread stainless steel bridle ring can be used in conjunction with a beam clamp, Sammy Screw or concrete anchor for installation.  While designed for installation of cable, we know our customers are finding many outdoor uses for them including marine and garden applications.

All of our stainless steel bridle rings are sold in packages of 20 to help you buy just what you need for the project.  If you need help finding a suitable anchor for your install, give us a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377 and we will do our best to help out.  While you likely won’t find many installs requiring a stainless bridle ring, when you need them, you now have a source!

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