Shoot Your J Hooks Right To The Deck With Your Ramset & Hilti Tools

J Hooks For Ramset & Hilti Tools

J Hooks For Ramset & Hilti Tools

Make use of your Ramset & Hilti powder actuated tools to speed up your data cable install with our j hook shooters.  This has got to

Shoot Up J Hooks With Your Hilti & Ramset Tools!

be the fastest way to install data cable to  a concrete deck.  Available in both 3/4″ and 2″ sizes these UL listed j hooks offer the support and flexability  you need for your cable runs.  We use a ballistic point pin ceiling clip for a better success rate even in hard concrete ceilings.  These pins work in most Hilti, Ramset, Simpson, Powers and other powder actuated tool.  If haven’t used a powder actuated tool in your install work yet, you are missing out on a great time saver.   Not only do they work well with our shooter j hooks, but many applications lend themselves to a supported cable run.  For overhead fastening we recommend the Ramset Viper 4 tool kit.  It’s sectional pole tool system and  light weight make the Viper 4 a great tool for installing ceiling clip assemblies and rod assemblies.  If you need to shoot to the wall from time to time, consider the Ramset Cobra, a Hilti DX-350 clone tool.  A fixed fiberglass pole tool is available for this tool as well.  Give our shooter j hooks a try today!

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