Replacement For The Ramset J Master L1701 Ladd Clips

ramset ladd clip j master l1700 l1701 l1801The Ramset J Master Ladd clip, part number L1701 for bar joist installations and the L1801 for purlins have been discontinued by Ramset.  Both clips were installed with the L1700 install tool.  The good news is we have a replacement for all three that will offer you a few advantages, including a tool to tie the grid wire for you.  More about the Purlin Master at the end of the post.  The Purlin Master tool will allow you to something with our  bar joist and purlin clips that you could never do before with the Ramset L1700 or L1801.

For the Ramset L1701 Bar Joist Clip  

Our replacement for the Ramset L1700 bar joist clips is the VOH14 clip.  This clip mounts to 1/16″ to 1/4″ vertical flanges typical with bar joists.  The clip can be used with the Ramset L1700 tool but a better choice is the HOIT-AL which features a spring lock that snaps into the clip so it will be more stable while you install.   These clips are available pre tied in lengths of ranging from 4′ to 8′.

For the Ramset L1801 Purlin Clip   

To replace the Ramset part number L1801 purlin clip, we are offering the ADOC14 clip.  As with our bar joist clip, this clip can be installed with the Ramset L1700 tool but the HOIT-AL is the recommended tool.  Our purlin clip is angled for use on z purlins.  If you have a vertical flange purlin we would recommend the VOH14.  At this time we are not offering the ADOC14 purling clip pre tied on our site, but you can give us a call and we can do it for you.

For the Ramset L1700  

As mentioned above the HOIT-AL is what we are using in place of the L1700 tool.  The real advantage for the HOIT-AL tool is how it allows you to click the bar joist or purlin clip securely on the the tool so it is nice and steady as you raise the clip to the ceiling.  Like the Ramset L1700 tool, the HOIT-S can be mounted on piece of 1/2″ EMT pipe with a set screw connector or if you have the Lamgaster Plus tool, there is a plug that will accept the tool.

If you install bar joist clips or purlin clips, you really need to check out the video on the Purlin Master tool.  The Purlin Master not only installs bar joist an purlin clips, it ties the grid wire on the clip for you, all from the floor!  Please keep in mind the Purlin Master will only work with our VOH14 and ADOC14 clips.  

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