New Purlin Master Install Tool Installs & Grid Wire!

Purlin MasterThis really is an innovation in installation of bar joist clips and purlin clips.  The Purlin Master will not only install the clip for you, but it will also tie the wire on to the clip all while standing on the floor.  Check out the video, it really is a slick system.  The Purlin Master saves you time and money in several ways.  First off you aren’t paying someone else to tie the wire for you.  Shipping clips is cheap, shipping grid wire or pre tied clips, not so much!  With the Purlin Master, you buy the clips and source you grid wire locally.  You no longer have to stock several different sizes of ceiling grid wire, or worse yet cut off extra.  The Purlin Master requires use of the proprietary  clips, the ADOC14 for use on Z purlin or the VOH14 for bar joists.  Make sure you take a moment and watch the video and you will see this tool is a must have if your are suspending grid wire from z purlin or bar joists.

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