Mini Drop In Anchors For Shallow Embedment For Post Tension Concrete

Drop in anchors are a common anchor in most trades for fastening to solid concrete.  For most applications the standard length drop in type anchor works well.  However there are situations that require shallow embedment or mini drop in anchors.  The most likely situation is post tension concrete.  Fastening to post tension concrete requires caution due to the tensioned cable below the surface.   Most situations allow you to drill up to 3/4″, ruling out standard drop in anchors.  Shallow embedment or mini drop in anchors are available in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ sizes.  These anchors will fully set at 3/4″ embedment making them a great choice when you are limited in drill depth. It is recommended that you use what is called a stop bit while drilling for these anchors.  These bits have a collar on them  preventing them from drilling the hole deeper than allowed.  These bits are actually a great time saver in that they prevent you from drilling your hole deeper than necessary.  If you over drill your anchor hole by just a quarter of an inch, that would mean you are drilling the equivalent of one extra hole every 3 holes!  If you are using a cordless SDS rotary hammer, this can drop your hole count per charge by 25%.   These bits are also available for you standard drop in anchors as well.  As a contractor it is your responsibility to make sure you are allowed to drill in the post tension concrete.  If 3/4″ drill depth is permitted, then the min drop in or shallow embedment anchor is a great problem solver.

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