Magnetic J Hooks & Bridle Rings For Voice & Data

Magnetic J Hook MagDaddy JH12MT

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We recently picked up the MagDaddy line of magnetic cable management products and want to spotlight the magnetic j hooks and bridle rings that are finding their way on to more and more projects.  We offer the magnetic j hooks in both side mount and top mount versions in 3/4″.  We will be adding the 2″ shortly as well.  We do offer the female magnetic mount as a separate part as well if you want to make your own or have the ability to make the size or type you choose on the fly.  You can install the top mount j hooks to the metal ceiling from the floor with the MagDaddy install tool as well.  Check our site for videos of the magnetic j hooks in action.  As with so many new products that may cost a little more at the outset, the real savings of a magnetic j hook comes in with time savings.  Other than speed of install, any rework can be accomplished more quickly, just pull off and re install.  You may also find some applications where the customer will not allow you to screw into the roof deck.  We had this come into play on a job recently where the cable had to be supported every 5 feet but the bar joists are 6 feet part and our contractor was not allowed to drill into the deck.  The magnetic j hooks were the solution.

 While j hooks are more common,  many applications still call for  bridle rings.  Obviously the same advantages apply to the bridle rings as the j hooks.  With the magnetic bridle ring set up, we have elected to offer the magnetic base, part number MAG4TF separately, allowing you to choose your size of bridle wring plus choose from a standard bridle ring or a ring with saddle.   These too can be installed from the floor like the magnetic j hooks.

Magnetic j hooks and bridle rings may not be an everyday type of hanger for you.  But you will find applications that these great little hangers will fit the bill.  MagDaddy offers a nice line up of magnetic cable management products beyond the magnetic j hooks and bridle rings including some excellent mounts for single and low count cable installations.  Click here to see their line up.

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