Mag Daddy Magnetic Cable Hangers & Cable Management Products

mag daddy magnetic cable holders

We are please to add Mag Daddy Magnetic Fasteners to our line.  Magnetic cable management products offer some real versatility and ease of installation on many projects.  J hooks are available with super strong magnets positioned to mount the j hooks to a metal deck or to a steal column or beam.  No drilling just let it snap in place.  If you prefer bridle rings, we offer a magnetic base with a 1/4-20 thread to accept the ring.  By the way, we have not only standard bridle rings but rings with a saddle to distribute the the load.   A magnetic cable holder is available in sizes from 1/2″ to 1″ that you just snap in place and push you cable in place.  A tool is available that allows you to install cable to the magnetic cable hanger and then place the holder to the metal deck or the bar joist, from the floor. A very cool mount kit is also available for cameras making for very easy install on beams with the ability to easily move the camera if necessary.  Magnetic tie wrap mounts and hook and loop mounts are also available.  Check out these great magnetic j hooks, magnetic tie mounts, magnetic cable mounts and more at our e store, ConstructionFastening.Net

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