Lagmaster Plus Eye Lag Pole, Install Grid Wire From The Floor

The Lagmaster Plus eye lag pole does more than your average eye lag pole.  Installing an eye lag to either a wood or metal ceiling deck is the main use for any lag pole, but the Lagmaster Plus will do more than that.  If you have a Power Sniper tool or a one of the older Ramset Viper Tools, you can use the Lagmaster Plus as a telescopic pole tool.  One really cool trick that you can’t do with other eye lag ceiling tools is install a Sammy Screw, basically a rod coupler with a screw built on the end, with the threaded rod already attached.  Add a broom attachment and any broom thread product form bulb changers to paint rollers can be used with the Lagmaster Plus.  Check out the the video hereLagmaster Plus Ceiling Tool

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