J Hooks For Data Cable

J Hooks For Cable Okay, J Hooks for data cabling really are boring. Saving time and money on your project, now that’s a little more interesting. Check out our generic UL listed j hooks and see how easy it is to save. .The first thing you will note is the price. Our 2″ standard j hook sells for $1.79. That’s not a special price, that is a standard everyday price. Our 3/4″ j hooks are well under a buck. But don’t just check the price, check out the variety. We have the popular multi clip version of the j hook, allowing you to mount quickly to grid wire or 1/4″ rod. By the way if you need to install a grid wire or 1/4″ rod to suspend your j hooks, we have some great hangers and tools for that as well. One of our more unique offerings is the 2″ J hook mounted to a shooter clip for Ramset & Hilti tools so you can shoot your j hook tight to the concrete deck. ¬†We use a quality Ramset ballistic point pin for excellent results even in hard concrete.
Spend a little time on our site ConstructionFastening.Net You will find some specialty tools and fasteners you just can’t find anywhere else.

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