J Hooks With Beam Clamps For Data Cabling

J Hooks With beam clamp

J Hooks With Beam Clamp

When the flange on your bar joist or I beam is to thick or when you just want a little added security, try our j hooks pre assembled to a screw type beam clamps.  The clamp is rated up to a half inch flange and sets securely with a set screw.  While the the j hooks and beam clamp assembly can be easily rotated to any position with a number three phillips screw driver, we are offering them assembled to run either with the steel beams or against them.  When you figure what your cost is per minute for one of your guys in the field, anything to speed up the install is worth doing!  Available in both 2″ and 4″ sizes, our j hooks with beam clamps are UL listed and offer you a nice cost savings over brand name j hooks.  In addition to j hooks with beam clamps, we offer a complete line of j hooks and data cable hangers, all keep your initial cost and your labor cost down.  Visit our site ConstructionFastening.Net  If you would like a sample of our j hooks with beam clamps, or any of  our hangers, give a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377.
J Hook With Hammer On Clamp

If your flange is 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick, typical with bar j hooks with hammer on clamp.  They offer fast install with just a whack of the hammer.  Available in both 2″ abd 4″ sizes they rotate a full 360 degrees.  See them here.

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