J Hooks With Bat Wings

j hooks with bat wingsJ Hooks with bat wings are one of the most common types of j hooks used for data cabling.  The bat wings as they are called are clips that will mount on to pencil rod, ceiling grid wire, 1/4″ all thread and smooth rod.  While they will clip on to 3/8″ all thread with a little effort, not all j hooks with bat wings show data for these applications.  This usually isn’t a real issue as the loads are usually quite low.  While clipping on to existing ceiling grid supports is a no no, j hooks with bat wings still have many applications.  You can shoot up your own ceiling wire and clip and add on j hooks at different heights for different runs.  Shooter clips are also available with 1/4″ all thread installed which work perfect in situations where you are not allowed to hang on a grid wire or where you would want to have more of a rigid install.  Simply shoot in the rod and add you j hooks with bat wings at the desired level.  J hooks with bat wings are available in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 4″.  Check out our j hooks with bat wings along with a wide variety of  data cable hangers online.

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