Install Sammy Screws To Wood, Steel & Concrete From The Floor

Sammy Super Screws are great little anchors and with the Lagmaster Plus and the Overhead Drill Machine, you can install these anchors to wood, steel and concrete without even leaving the floor!  The Lagmaster Plus tool allows you to put your all thread on the Sammy Screw and drive into wood and steel.  If you have concrete applications, add the Overhead Drill Machine to the mix to pre drill the hole and then drive in the concrete Sammy Screw.  The video below runs through each application.  Sammy Super Screws are available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes.  Find them online and in stock at ConstructionFastening.Net  Click the image to see the video.

Install Sammy Screws From The Floor

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