Drywall Anchor Options

Everyone has their favorite method for fastening to drywall, here are few options for you to consider when you need to mount to the drywall.

Powers Wall Dog.  The Powers Wall Dog is a one piece drywall anchor that lends itself to fast light weight applications.  The anchor has a sharp point and very coarse threads and is designed as a one stop installation.  Simple drive it in and you are done.  Best used in lightweight static applications, perhaps on a sensor up and out of the way.

Powers 2316 Wall Dog

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ITW Buildex EZ Anchor

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EZ Anchors.  ITW has been producing the EZ Ancor line for some time and there are several other manufactures producing a similar anchor.  The most common size is used with a #8 screw but you can get a light version that will take a #6 as well.  The anchor offers more holding power than the wall dog or a blue cone anchor.  Very easy to install, just screw in and add the screw.  Available in metal or nylon.




Strap Toggles.  Strap toggles offer a few advantages over the standard toggle bolt.  With the strap toggle, you drill a hole, insert the toggle and zip it up against the wall.  You are left with the toggle bar left in position.  Available in 3/16″ , 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes.  Screws are sold separately.

Strap toggle

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That’s obviously just a few drywall anchor options.  Again everyone has their favorite, these just happen to be mine.  These are stocking standards for most of our customers.  Check out these and more at ConstructionFastening.Net

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