Chuck Extender Drill Extension Tool

Chuck extender drill extensionThe new Chuck Extender tool lends itself to so many applications. For instance, the CE-2 is a 27.5″ fixed length making it perfect for applications where you are drilling or fastening to the floor, no more bending over! The Chuck Extender is available in 3 sizes. The CE-2 is fixed at 27.5″, the CE-3 is a two stage tool that extends from 40.5″ to 64.5″ and the CE-3 that extends from 77″ to 139.5″. So what are some of the applications?  Any drilling extension application such as hole saws, spade bits, high speed bits etc. where you need the reach.  One application that we have heard of that is a real back saver is drilling holes in steel decks to drop in Blue Banger rod hanger anchors and support rod anchors that are installed before the pour. Other applications  for the Chuck Extender include installing screws and screw in type anchors like the Sammy Screw. To be honest, we know that there are many more that we simply haven’t seen or heard of yet, but we are confident you will find all kinds of uses for this great little tool!  Includes 3/8″ key less chuck.

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