Turn Your Lagmaster Plus Eye Lag Pole Into A Heavy Duty Extension Pole

Lagmaster plus extension pole broom thread plugYou can turn your Lamgaster Plus eye lag pole into a heavy duty extension poles simply by adding the Lagmaster Plus Broom Thread Plug. Now your Lagmaster plus is a a heavy duty extension pole that will accept any attachment with broom thread including brushes, light bulb changers, tree saw ends, paint rollers, sanding pads, the list goes on and on. Accepts any broom thread.  You can find the Lagmaster Plus pole tool, the Lagmaster Plus Broom Thread Plug and a complete line of specialty tools and fasteners on line at ConstructionFastening.Net

Sammy Screws For 1/2″ Threaded Rod

ITW Buildex Sammy Screw For 1/2The Sammy Super Screw has been on the market for quite some time.  You have likely seen them being used by any trade suspending rod from the ceiling.   You will find similar products like the Powers Vertigo, Simpson Titen Rod Hanger, Elco Hangermate and others.  While the most common size is 3/8″ we are now stocking them for 1/2″ threaded rod.  These are perfect for when you need a little more than a 3/8″ rod.  For wood we stock both the Sammy Super Screw GST2 (ITW Buildex #8013925) and the GST3 (ITW Buildex #8015925).  The Sammy Super Screws for 1/2″ rod are available for concrete and steel.  We are a full line Sammy Screw dealer so if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call.

Better Success Fastening Ceiling Clips With Your Ramset & Hilti Powder Tools

Hilti and Ramset tools have been a great asset to many trades including the data comm field for hanging cable hooks. Overhead fastenings can be a challenge in some concrete. Power Point Ceiling Clip For Hilti Ramset ToolsIf your having trouble with low success rates when shooting ceiling clips into the concrete deck above, the problem many times can be traced back to the quality of your pin. Most tool supply houses and even the big box stores offer pins and loads for Ramset and Hilti tool. The problem is, many are stocking the cheapest pins available to maximize sales and profit. The result is that when you run into brittle concrete or pre cast decks, you can have a lot of blow outs. If you are shooting up a ceiling clip with pre attached, every failed fastening can start to add up. If you are having more blow outs than you like, or you are getting a lot of fish hooked pins, consider a ballistic point pin like the Ramset SPC78 and Ramset SPC114 series of ceiling clips. These clips are assembled using a polished point pin rather than a standard “pinched” point. See the pictures, there is a difference. Add to that the thicker shank on these ceiling clips and you will see fewer blow outs and less fish hooking of your pins. The SPC114 pin has an even thicker shank than the SPC78 and while you may not be able to sink it all the way, get it in 3/4″ and you will have a solid support for your light fixtures and cable hooks. For even better success, use a Ramset or Hilti tool made just for overhead work like the Ramset Viper 4.



Turn Your SDS Hammer Into An Overhead Drill Machine Hammer Drill Extension

Turn Your SDS Hammer Into An Overhead Drill Machine Hammer Drill Extension

overhead drill machine

How do you suspend  grid wire or all thread from a concrete deck while standing on the floor if the the concrete is to brittle for your Ramset or Hilti tool or you simply are not allowed to shoot. For those times when you need to suspend a cable run or anything for that matter to a concrete deck that is just out of reach, consider the ODM overhead drill machine.  Designed to work with most D handle SDS rotary hammers, the ODM overhead drill machine extends to reach ceilings decks up to 13′.  The hands free probe trigger system allows you to keep both hands on the tool.  After you drill your hole, use the I Driver to drive in tie wire wedges or spikes with ceiling grid wire pre attached.  If you want to install threaded rod, simply drill the hole and then install a concrete Sammy Screw, with the threaded rod already attached using the Torque Master tool.  Think of the time savings over a lift that can be had in many situations.  Click here to see a video of the tool in use.

Extension Pole Tool For Ramset Cobra & Hilti DX-350


Fastening to the ceiling from the floor with you Hilti DX-350, Ramset Cobra, Simspon PT-27 or other Hilti DX-350 or Hilti DX-35 clone tool is easy with the longshooter extension pole.  Available in both 6′ and 8′ lengths, your powder actuated tool mounts quickly and securely.  Check out the video at our site, it’s easy to set up and use.  Team it up with our quality pre tied ceiling clips or our SC14 rod hanger system and you will wonder how you ever worked without the extension pole for you Hilti DX-350

Lagmaster Plus Eye Lag Pole, Install Grid Wire From The Floor

The Lagmaster Plus eye lag pole does more than your average eye lag pole.  Installing an eye lag to either a wood or metal ceiling deck is the main use for any lag pole, but the Lagmaster Plus will do more than that.  If you have a Power Sniper tool or a one of the older Ramset Viper Tools, you can use the Lagmaster Plus as a telescopic pole tool.  One really cool trick that you can’t do with other eye lag ceiling tools is install a Sammy Screw, basically a rod coupler with a screw built on the end, with the threaded rod already attached.  Add a broom attachment and any broom thread product form bulb changers to paint rollers can be used with the Lagmaster Plus.  Check out the the video hereLagmaster Plus Ceiling Tool