MagDaddy 62452 Magnetic Hook & Loop Mounts

The MagDaddy 62452 Magnetic Hook and Loop Mount allows you to quickly install hook and loop for cable support and management to metal structure. The strong magnet has a direct pull off of up to 15 lbs which is more than enough to support small runs. The MagDaddy 62452 is wide enough to handle up to 3/4″ hook and loop and is UL listed as well as plenum rated. This has to be one of the quickest cleanest ways to manage cable on metal surfaces with the added bonus of being easy to relocate and reuse.

MagDaddy Magnetic Hook & Loop Mount

So where would you use the MagDaddy 62452 hook and loop mount? Think of any application where a beam clamp and j hook just seems like over kill. Don’t forget to include the install time in these instances as well, both on the initial install and any subsequent relocation. They can be an excellent choice inside equipment where the metal is to thin to allow a screw and an adhesive mount could fail. On racks in sensitive areas, you will be able to avoid an metal shavings from self drilling screws.

MagDaddy 62452 Magnetic Hook & Loop Mount

Let’s talk for a moment about aesthetics. These really are cool little magnetic mounts! While there may be other alternatives, the above mentioned uses for the MagDaddy 62452 coupled with the clean look, fit and finish you can achieve with them make them a must have in your install kit. Often times it’s the look of your install that set’s you apart from the other guys and these will definitely add to tidy look you are trying for.

Currently the MagDaddy 62452 magnetic hook and loop mount is only available in black. A variety of other magnetic mounts are available in white. For instance the smaller mounts for tie wraps are available in white.

Buy a bag of these handy little magnetic hook and loop mounts from MagDaddy and give them a try, you will be glad you did!

Available online at ConstructionFastening.Net

Try Our Hook & Loop It’s Not Velcro!

Yes we carry hook and loop and no it’s not Velcro!  You can check out the video below put out by Velcro that explains it with a good laugh!  Now let’s talk about our hook and loop.  We offer it it black, blue and white in both 1/2″ and 3/4″ widths.  The rolls are 75′ in length.  The advantage of hook and loop in a roll versus a a pre cut strap is flexibility.   You cut just what you need, no more.  There are many applications where a standard 8″ strap will just come up short, or long for that matter.

Quality.  You can find cheap hook and loop just about anywhere online.  But the right quality for the money is always a challenge.  As a matter of fact, finding the right balance of price and quality when online shopping is a challenge with many products.  That is why we feel we have an advantage with our hook and loop and really our entire product line.   We are started as and continue to be a brick an mortar company that deals face to face with the tradesman who use our product.   We don’t put things on our site that we couldn’t sell with confidence in person.  Before we picked up our hook and loop line, we sent it around and made sure that it works well for cable management.

Selection.  We currently offer our hook and loop in three colors and two widths.  Sometimes something as simple as color can really make your cabling job pop.  Black still seems to be the go to but the white and blue really have their place.

So remember, our hook in loop is not Velcro, watch the video, the Velcro folks explain it nicely!

Mag Daddy Magnetic Cable Hangers & Cable Management Products

mag daddy magnetic cable holders

We are please to add Mag Daddy Magnetic Fasteners to our line.  Magnetic cable management products offer some real versatility and ease of installation on many projects.  J hooks are available with super strong magnets positioned to mount the j hooks to a metal deck or to a steal column or beam.  No drilling just let it snap in place.  If you prefer bridle rings, we offer a magnetic base with a 1/4-20 thread to accept the ring.  By the way, we have not only standard bridle rings but rings with a saddle to distribute the the load.   A magnetic cable holder is available in sizes from 1/2″ to 1″ that you just snap in place and push you cable in place.  A tool is available that allows you to install cable to the magnetic cable hanger and then place the holder to the metal deck or the bar joist, from the floor. A very cool mount kit is also available for cameras making for very easy install on beams with the ability to easily move the camera if necessary.  Magnetic tie wrap mounts and hook and loop mounts are also available.  Check out these great magnetic j hooks, magnetic tie mounts, magnetic cable mounts and more at our e store, ConstructionFastening.Net

Hellerman Tyton CTM110C2 Tie Mounts With Screws

Hellerman Tyton CTM110C2 Tie Mounts/Screw Kit 100/PKIt is such a simple thing,  yet so frustrating, having the right tie mount but the wrong screw to fasten it.  Especially is it noticeable if you are trying to fasten tie mounts to a plywood backer board up against a concrete or block wall.  We are now offering a combo kit that includes 100 each of  the Hellerman Tyton tie mount, designed for use with 18 through 50 pound cable ties and a 6 x 3/4″ coarse drywall screw.   The screw seats fully in the mount and is short enough to not go through your plywood backer board.  The Hellerman/Tyton CTM110C2 is the tie wrap mount of choice for our limited voltage and data contractors and now they are even easier to use with the included correct screw.  Find them online at ConstructionFastening.Net  While there, check out our red 8″ and 15″ red tie wraps, UL listed for use in air handling spaces.  A nice quality tie wrap at a nice price!

UL Listed Plenum Red Cable Ties

UL Listed Plenum Red Cable TiesWhile no one likes paying more than they have to for something so thing like a cable tie, there are times when  UL listed red plenum cable ties approved for air handling spaces  are required.  I have seen some jobs where a vendor will supply plenum rated cable, and then sell the customer a standard cable tie rather than a UL listed or plenum cable tie.  Many times it is just an oversight and truth be known, many times it is overlooked by some inspectors.  We experienced an inspector who did not like a certain UL listed hanger and made our contractor jump through hoops to use them, but allowed standard cable ties.  UL listed cable ties used to be quite expensive and some offerings still are.  We offer a red UL listed plenum cable tie in both 8″ and 15″ lengths, with a 50# tensile strength that won’t break the bank.  Both sizes are made in the USA.  We have been selling these for years, they really are a quality tie.  FYI a 8″ cable tie will hold up to a 1-3/4″ bundle and a 15″ should handle up to a 4″ diameter bundle.  Plenum cable ties do not have to be red but it is a good way to differentiate between standard and plenum cable ties.  Our ties are packed in 100 count bags and are clearly marked as UL listed for use in air handling spaces.

Find more info along with a full line of data cable hangers online at ConstructionFastening.Net

Sleeves For Running Cables Through Walls

Many fire stop systems call for the use of a steel sleeve with fire putty or fire caulk to maintain the fire rating of the wall.  You have two basic choices.  Many are using pass through devices that come fully loaded with fire stop products, you simply install and run your cable.  While these really are nice and fool proof to use however…. adding twenty 2″ sleeves at close to $150 a piece can really change the look of your quote.  Many contractors opt for a piece of emt cut to about 12″ with Arlington hammer on bushings and fire caulk.  It is important to have a cut sheet from your fire putty or caulk manufacture showing a system using a steel sleeve and their product.  Keep a copy on file at the job and make sure you follow the recommended fill rate.

You can find pre cut EMT pipe from 1″ up to 4″, deburred and ready to install with Arlington EMT bushings at ConstructionFastening.Net.  You can really see the advantage of buying your EMT pre cut when you start using larger sleeves, especially in 4″ diameter.  4″ EMT is not readily available at you local big box store and if you need 2 sleeves, you buy a full stick, then you need to track down the bushings.  Then add to the frustration of cutting larger EMT.  Give our pre cut EMT a try and you will see why they are one of our top sellers.

Pre Cut EMT Sleeves

4″ Metal J Hooks For Data Cable

4 Metal J Hook

Our UL listed 4″ metal j hook is an excellent choice for your larger cable runs.  The 4″ cable hook will hold up to a 4″ bundle of cable.  That loosely translates into  room to hold up to 300 4-Pair UTP CAT 5e or 2-strand fiber optic cables; or up to 185 CAT 6 cables, depending on cable manufacture. Our generic 4″ metal cable support has a yellow zinc chromate finish and has a load rating of 50lbs.  Easy to mount to beam clamps and other attachments.  Check out what your are paying fro 4″ metal j hooks and start saving today.   Click here to compare!


New Comdangle Cable Support

Comdangles Main CategoryThe new Comdangle data cable hanger is the latest in low cost data cable supports.  In addition to being about a third of the cost of a standard j hooks, the Comdangle data cable hanger is the only hanger designed from the start to be used with ceiling grid wire.  The Comdangle design allows for grid wire to be fed through the hanger itself offering a secondary layer of support in case of a fire.  Even if the hanger melts away, the cable is still supported by the grid wire.  The unique design of the Comdangle cable hanger allows it to be offered completely assembled to a ceiling grid wire with a ceiling clip on the end for use with a Ramset or Hilti tool and shipped easily.  That translates into a huge time savings on the job, just open the box and shoot them up!  The hanger is also available in other pre assembled hanger wire set ups for bar joists, I beams, wood ceilings and more.  See the complete line up at ConstructionFastening.Net  The Comdangle is also proving itself useful as a temporary power support as well.

comdangles instuctions