4″ Metal J Hooks For Data Cable

4 Metal J Hook

Our UL listed 4″ metal j hook is an excellent choice for your larger cable runs.  The 4″ cable hook will hold up to a 4″ bundle of cable.  That loosely translates into  room to hold up to 300 4-Pair UTP CAT 5e or 2-strand fiber optic cables; or up to 185 CAT 6 cables, depending on cable manufacture. Our generic 4″ metal cable support has a yellow zinc chromate finish and has a load rating of 50lbs.  Easy to mount to beam clamps and other attachments.  Check out what your are paying fro 4″ metal j hooks and start saving today.   Click here to compare!


New Comdangle Cable Support

Comdangles Main CategoryThe new Comdangle data cable hanger is the latest in low cost data cable supports.  In addition to being about a third of the cost of a standard j hooks, the Comdangle data cable hanger is the only hanger designed from the start to be used with ceiling grid wire.  The Comdangle design allows for grid wire to be fed through the hanger itself offering a secondary layer of support in case of a fire.  Even if the hanger melts away, the cable is still supported by the grid wire.  The unique design of the Comdangle cable hanger allows it to be offered completely assembled to a ceiling grid wire with a ceiling clip on the end for use with a Ramset or Hilti tool and shipped easily.  That translates into a huge time savings on the job, just open the box and shoot them up!  The hanger is also available in other pre assembled hanger wire set ups for bar joists, I beams, wood ceilings and more.  See the complete line up at ConstructionFastening.Net  The Comdangle is also proving itself useful as a temporary power support as well.

comdangles instuctions

Lagmaster Plus Eye Lag Pole, Install Grid Wire From The Floor

The Lagmaster Plus eye lag pole does more than your average eye lag pole.  Installing an eye lag to either a wood or metal ceiling deck is the main use for any lag pole, but the Lagmaster Plus will do more than that.  If you have a Power Sniper tool or a one of the older Ramset Viper Tools, you can use the Lagmaster Plus as a telescopic pole tool.  One really cool trick that you can’t do with other eye lag ceiling tools is install a Sammy Screw, basically a rod coupler with a screw built on the end, with the threaded rod already attached.  Add a broom attachment and any broom thread product form bulb changers to paint rollers can be used with the Lagmaster Plus.  Check out the the video hereLagmaster Plus Ceiling Tool