Stainless Steel Acoustical Eye Lags

 Stainless Steel Acoustical Eye Lag Screw

Stainless Steel Acoustical Eye Lag Screw

Stainless steel acoustical eye lags offer much more corrosion resistance than standard or even zinc plated eye lags.  We are now handling a 316 stainless steel acoustical eye lag for fastening into wood. These lags will offer a solution to situations including MRI rooms, outdoor use including marine applications and really any situation where corrosion is a concern.  Our stainless steel acoustical eye lags come packed 100 per box and are 3″ in length.  Installation is easy using a simple drill mounted eye lag driver or can be installed from the floor with the Lagmaster Plus tool.  Sourcing stainless grid wire may still be a challenge, but a quick google search should  find it for you.  In addition toe stainless steel acoustical eye lags, we handle standard eye lags for both wood and metal decks plus a heavy duty version, the ELDX designed for drilling purlins up to 1/4″.

Extension Pole For Ramset T3SS

Ramset T3SS Extension PoleThe Ramset T3SS  gas tool has some great applications in the electrical and data field.  The tool offers easy to use operation in masonry applications without overdrive or need for user certification.  But did you know your Ramset T3SS tool can be used on an extension pole?  The T3 Cup was designed for fast solid connection of the T3SS  to an extension pole.  We offer the T3 Cup With a pole tool, or you can purchase just the T3 Cup by itself.  The cup screws on to the same pole tool used for the Ramset Viper 4 so if you use a Viper 4 tool, you already have the pole portion.  This pole system starts with a base bole that has the trigger sleeve on and you can add 3′ extensions at will to attain the height you are looking for.   So what can you do with your  T3SS on a pole tool?  One of the most common applications would be shooting up pre tied ceiling clips for hanging cables, and light fixtures.  Clips are available to shoot 1/4″ and 3/8″ all thread to the ceiling as well.  Adding an extension pole to your Ramset T3SS tool will not only increase productivity on the job, but safety as well.  Every trip up the ladder is not only time spent but time spent in a less than optimal position as far as safety goes.  If you have any questions on the Ramset T3SS extension pole or other fastening questions, give a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377.

Long SDS MAX Hammer Drill Bits For Hilti, Bosch, Milwaukee & Other Tools

extra length sds max bitsExtra long bits to fit SDS MAX rotary hammers can be hard to find, but many times are real necessity on the job.  Less common than the smaller SDS rotary hammers, SDS MAX rotary hammers are often used where larger holes are drilled on a routine basis.  SDS MAX rotary hammers are available from Hilti, Bosch, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita and others.  FYI, Hilti calls their bit a TEY bit but SDS MAX bits are totally interchangeable, so if you have a larger Hilti tool it takes an SDS MAX.  Long length SDS MAX bits are available in diameters starting at 1/2″ up to 1-3/8″ that will drill up to 31″ holes.  Many times in existing facilities like hospitals, schools and many older buildings, you will run into an application where you simply will need one of these longer length SDS MAX bits to get through the wall or floor.  Smaller hammers handle bits up to 3/4″ that will drill 31″ but after that, there simply is too much resistance for these smaller hammers to handle.  At that point, the SDS MAX Rotary hammer will fit the bill.  If you are not sure what type of shank you hammer drill takes, give us a call 1-877-212-2377 we will help you out.  Keep in mind that in addition to the longer length SDS MAX bits, we also have a complete line of SDS MAX core bits when you need holes up to 6″ in diamter.

Ramset Cobra Plus Parts

Ramset Cobra Plus PartsWhile the Ramset Cobra Plus tool shares many parts with the Ramset Cobra (the standard Cobra tool is a clone tool, based on the tried and true Hilti DX-350 design) many parts differ.  Click here for the schematic and available parts for you Ramset Cobra Plus Tool. Not sure which tool you have?  The easiest way to tell the difference between the Cobra Plus and the Cobra is the power adjustment feature.  The Ramset Cobra Plus has a power adjustment feature and is commonly found in big box stores.  Most industrial tool suppliers favor the standard Cobra tool as it proves to be more durable than the Plus and parts are more readily available.  As mentioned earlier, the Cobra Plus does share many parts but  the entire front end of the tool and obviously the power adjustment parts are different.  While not all replacement parts are available some of the most common parts for the Cobra Plus like the piston and the fastener guide are stock items for us.

In addition to replacement parts for the tool, we offer an extension pole for the tool, allowing you to suspend ceiling grid wire and more from the floor.  We also offer a full line of power loads and pins for the tool.  Learn more at ConstructionFastening.Net

Disc Loads For Ramset D-60, D-45A & Autofast Tools

disc loads for ramset disc tools d-60 d45 d45a autofastWhile strip load type tools are by far the most common type of powder actuated, many of the Ramset Disc Load tools have been produced over the years and are still preferred by many contractors.  Disc tools tend to be a quieter tool, and do not advance the load until the trigger is pulled.  While disc loads can be hard to come buy in your big box stores ConstructionFastening.Net stocks all power levels of the disc loads.  So what power level should you use?  Ramset recommends using the lowest power level to do the job.  The loads, lowest to highest power are:  2D60/45 (brown), 3D60/45 (green), 4D60/45 (yellow) and 5D45 (red, for D45A only).  The most common disc loads tend to be the green and yellow, but your application will determine the load level.  Please note that the red disc load will not fit in a D-60 tool.  This load has a little to much power for the D-60 power adjustment front end so they made the load physically longer so it will not fit.  The red disc load in a Ramset D45-A tool with a 1-7/8″ Ramset Power Point pin is an awesome choice for attaching 2x material to steel beams.  Powers has come out with a disc load tool as called the P-60 that also takes the disc loads, up to a red.  If you are looking for disc loads to fit your Ramset or Powers disc load tools, check our site or give a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377.


Dustless Rotary Hammer Bits

Dril Ted D-go Expert Dust Extraction  Dustless Hammer Drill SDS MAXWe’v all heard of dustless rotary hammers, but have you ever heard of a dustless rotary hammer bit?  DrilTec is offering the D-Go Expert series of rotary hammer bits with an innovative design that gets dust out of your way.  Increasing safety regulations are creating more sites that require dust collection on any concrete drilling or cutting.  Existing and occupied facilities like offices and hospitals especially will benefit from a dustless set up like the new DrilTec D-Go hammer bits .  The bits are actually hollow allowing the dust to be extracted through the bit and into an attached vacuum.  Check out the video at our site, and see how much cleaner the operation can be!  Currently available in SDS Max which will fit SDS Max Rotary Hammers from Bosch, Hilti (TEY), DeWalt, Milwaukee and others.  Other shanks will be offered in time as well.  Currently available in SDS max sizes ranging from 1/2″ up to 1-1/4″ with drill usable length of 15-1/2″.  If you want a fast and easy way to perform dustless drilling in concrete, you will want to check out the DrilTec D-Go expert dust extracting bits.

New Self Drilling Eye Lags For 1/4″ Steel

ELDX Eye lag for 1 4 inch steel 4Self drilling eye lags for drilling into metal and wood ceiling decks have been around for some time now.  We are pleased to introduce the ELDX Self Drilling Eye Lag Screw for drilling into structural steel up to 1/4″ thick.  The best way to see what they can do for you is to check out the video at our site.  It shows several applications including drilling into 1/8″ steel in only 5 seconds!  The screws can be installed using an eye lag driver or the Lagmaster Plus pole tool which allows you to install the eye lag from the floor and tie the grid wire at the same time.  Check them out online at ConstructionFastening.Net  Self drilling eye lag screws are great for hanging drop ceilings, light fixtures, cable runs, signs and more.

Arlington Wire Grabber Kit

Arlington Wire GrabberYou likely have seen more and more fixtures, ducts and lighting being supported with braided wire cable on the job.   Products like the Erico/Caddy Speed Link and the Gripple have added a versatile option in many applications.  Arlington Industries has added their version of a braided wire hanger, the Wire Grabber System.  The key component to any of the systems is the clamp that actually locks on the cable.  The clamp on the Arlington is part# FLG3 and is not only available in kit form but also separately allowing you to purchase bulk cable and create your hangers on the fly.  It is easy to use with a thumb screw for a quick set and adjustment followed by a quick lock down with your screwdriver or pliers. NO SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED.

The Arlington Wire Grabber is available in several kit types.  A straight version with a loop on one end and straight cable and FLG3 clamp is available in lengths up to 30′.  There are so many things you could support with this kit, anything from duct work, cable runs with j hooks, signage and more.   A 10′ length kit with a toggle attached and straight wire plus the FLG3 clamp is available designed for  suspending light fixtures.  A “Y” kit is also available as well.

One thing that make the Arlington Wire Grabber system appealing over the other brands starts with cost, not only in the basic kit pricing but in the ability to purchase the wire grabber clamp outside a kit  (we offer them in packs of 10 on our site) and buy your cable in bulk. While kits have their advantage if you are doing a standard install over and over again for instance, but buying clamps and bulk cable allows you to create what you need as you need it with no waste.

The kits come with a .080 gauge braided cable that will provide a 75lb load in static situations.  If you have never used this type of hanger, grab a couple kits and give them a try.  If you have been using comparable systems you may be able to save your self some money  especially with the bulk cable option.

New Extension Pole For Hilti DX460, DX2, Ramset XT540 And More

ls460 hilti ramset simpson extension pole

We have had extension poles for various powder tools including Hilti, Ramset, Simpson, Powers and more and now we have an extension for the Hilti DX460, the new Hilti DX2, the Ramset XT540 and a variety of gas tools.  The LS460-6 pole turns any of these guns into an overhead tool.  The extension pole offers not only improved productivity and lower labor costs but increased safety.  Made in the USA from dielectric material meeting OSHA standards.  If you have a Hilti DX460 or Hilti DX2 tool, you will find this tool well worth it’s price, right arount $200.  Also works as an extension pole for the Ramset XT540, and the Simpson PTP-27s tools.  The extension will also work with a variety of gas tools from Ramset, Simpon and  Powers.  Click to see a compatibility chart.

Magnetic J Hooks & Bridle Rings For Voice & Data

Magnetic J Hook MagDaddy JH12MT

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We recently picked up the MagDaddy line of magnetic cable management products and want to spotlight the magnetic j hooks and bridle rings that are finding their way on to more and more projects.  We offer the magnetic j hooks in both side mount and top mount versions in 3/4″.  We will be adding the 2″ shortly as well.  We do offer the female magnetic mount as a separate part as well if you want to make your own or have the ability to make the size or type you choose on the fly.  You can install the top mount j hooks to the metal ceiling from the floor with the MagDaddy install tool as well.  Check our site for videos of the magnetic j hooks in action.  As with so many new products that may cost a little more at the outset, the real savings of a magnetic j hook comes in with time savings.  Other than speed of install, any rework can be accomplished more quickly, just pull off and re install.  You may also find some applications where the customer will not allow you to screw into the roof deck.  We had this come into play on a job recently where the cable had to be supported every 5 feet but the bar joists are 6 feet part and our contractor was not allowed to drill into the deck.  The magnetic j hooks were the solution.

 While j hooks are more common,  many applications still call for  bridle rings.  Obviously the same advantages apply to the bridle rings as the j hooks.  With the magnetic bridle ring set up, we have elected to offer the magnetic base, part number MAG4TF separately, allowing you to choose your size of bridle wring plus choose from a standard bridle ring or a ring with saddle.   These too can be installed from the floor like the magnetic j hooks.

Magnetic j hooks and bridle rings may not be an everyday type of hanger for you.  But you will find applications that these great little hangers will fit the bill.  MagDaddy offers a nice line up of magnetic cable management products beyond the magnetic j hooks and bridle rings including some excellent mounts for single and low count cable installations.  Click here to see their line up.