Batteries & Chargers For Ramset Trakfast & T3 Tools

Ramset Trakfast T3 T3SS Batteries Chargers

Ramset Trakfast T3 T3SS Batteries Chargers

Ramset Trakfast and T3 tools are know for shaving time off the job.  Sometimes though even what should normally be  a quick job can get 30 minutes added to it simply because of tired batteries.  Most nicad batteries only get so many cycles (charge and run) before they will start to loose capacity.  If your batteries are not holding a charge very long any more or if you have been limping along on just one or two batteries, adding a new one can really cut down on frustration and save you real time.  Choosing the correct battery for your Ramset Trakfast tools is fairly simple.  The original Ramset Trakfast tool, the TF1000 and the TF1200 use a cylndrical battery as shown at the far left in image above.  Part number on the battery is 7505012.   If you have the latest version of the Trakfast the TF1200 your battery is the newer version (shown in the center abvoe) that clicks into the tool, part number is B0092.  This in my opinion was a huge upgrade for the Trakfast line as the TF1100 tools were known for problems with the battery connections.  This click in style battery solved the problem.  This same battery, B0092 is used in the Ramset T3Mag and the T3SS tools as well.

Another real improvement  from the very first gas tools offered by Ramset is the charger.  The original chargers were always suspect to the batteries not settling in properly for a good connection.  The new charger, part # B0022 is  a dual bay charger and works with the original Trafkast tool batteries along with newer style batteries used by the TF1200, T3Mag and T3SS.  Such a simple idea adds so much to the usefulness of the tool!

So there you have it,  a little basic info on batteries and chargers for the Ramset Trakfast and T3 tools.  You can find batteries and chargers for these tools along with pins fuel cells and parts online at ConstructionFastening.Net or give us a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377.

Lubrication For Hilti, Ramset, Simpson & Other P.A.T. Tools

cleaning ramset hilti toolsWe get asked all the time, “what should I use to clean my Hilti or Ramset tool?”  Usually what the customer is hoping for is a cleaner that they can spray on and their done.  Really cleaning your Ramset, Hilti, Simpson or any powder actuated tool is a two part process.  Step 1 is to remove built up powder on the tool.  In our shop we have a bench grinder that makes cleaning the outer surfaces of the barrel very easy to clean.  For the inside, we use a stiff wire brush.  One trick is to cut the handle off and stick the wire brush in a cordless drill for quick work of the inside of the barrels.  If you don’t have a bench grinder, wire brushes and a little elbow grease will do the job.  Your goal is to remove the built up powder as best you can.  Most tools come with brushes but we do stock a cleaning kit with brushes and lube.  Step 2 is the lubrication of the parts.  We favor the Tri Flow product for our in house repair and cleaning work.   We like to spray the parts and let them set for a minute or two.  Tri Flow has teflon that will leave a light film that seams to make subsequent cleanings a little easier.  Whatever you use, Tri Flow, WD40 or a gun cleaning lube,  DRY THE PARTS OFF!  If you don’t dry the lube, powder will stick to the tool making it much dirtier, much faster.  So how often should you clean the tool?  Well, if you clean your garage once every 5 years, it doesn’t hurt the garage any buy you sure have to work a lot harder to get it clean than if you just maintain it once and a while.  Same with your Ramset  & Hilti tools.  A quick clean every 300-500 shots is much easier than trying to do it when it has fired  a few thousand rounds and won’t operate smoothly.

Bit Tips & Drivers Designed For Impact Drivers

 impact tech bits for impact driversIf you use an impact driver, you can attest to the fact that they are great little lightweight tools.  You also may have noticed you are snapping a lot of tips and drivers. Impactech bits, holders and drivers are designed to reduce breakage.  They have a built in torsion design that allows them to flex and absorb impact much better than standard bits.  Standard bits can snap at only 19 degrees of toque.  In testing the Impactech bits achieved a 55 degree rotation before breakage.    When you combine the impact bit with the impact bit holder, you end up with two torsion areas.  Our contractors are telling us these are the best tips they have used to date.   A hidden savings we like to point out is found in the down time and frustration snapping tips causes or even damage to the work surface.  Tips are available in phillips, straight, square and torx in lengths up to 6″ along with a variety of sockets and bit tip holders.  If you don’t see what you are looking for give us a call.

Stainless Steel Acoustical Eye Lags

 Stainless Steel Acoustical Eye Lag Screw

Stainless Steel Acoustical Eye Lag Screw

Stainless steel acoustical eye lags offer much more corrosion resistance than standard or even zinc plated eye lags.  We are now handling a 316 stainless steel acoustical eye lag for fastening into wood. These lags will offer a solution to situations including MRI rooms, outdoor use including marine applications and really any situation where corrosion is a concern.  Our stainless steel acoustical eye lags come packed 100 per box and are 3″ in length.  Installation is easy using a simple drill mounted eye lag driver or can be installed from the floor with the Lagmaster Plus tool.  Sourcing stainless grid wire may still be a challenge, but a quick google search should  find it for you.  In addition toe stainless steel acoustical eye lags, we handle standard eye lags for both wood and metal decks plus a heavy duty version, the ELDX designed for drilling purlins up to 1/4″.

Extension Pole For Ramset T3SS

Ramset T3SS Extension PoleThe Ramset T3SS  gas tool has some great applications in the electrical and data field.  The tool offers easy to use operation in masonry applications without overdrive or need for user certification.  But did you know your Ramset T3SS tool can be used on an extension pole?  The T3 Cup was designed for fast solid connection of the T3SS  to an extension pole.  We offer the T3 Cup With a pole tool, or you can purchase just the T3 Cup by itself.  The cup screws on to the same pole tool used for the Ramset Viper 4 so if you use a Viper 4 tool, you already have the pole portion.  This pole system starts with a base bole that has the trigger sleeve on and you can add 3′ extensions at will to attain the height you are looking for.   So what can you do with your  T3SS on a pole tool?  One of the most common applications would be shooting up pre tied ceiling clips for hanging cables, and light fixtures.  Clips are available to shoot 1/4″ and 3/8″ all thread to the ceiling as well.  Adding an extension pole to your Ramset T3SS tool will not only increase productivity on the job, but safety as well.  Every trip up the ladder is not only time spent but time spent in a less than optimal position as far as safety goes.  If you have any questions on the Ramset T3SS extension pole or other fastening questions, give a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377.

Long SDS MAX Hammer Drill Bits For Hilti, Bosch, Milwaukee & Other Tools

extra length sds max bitsExtra long bits to fit SDS MAX rotary hammers can be hard to find, but many times are real necessity on the job.  Less common than the smaller SDS rotary hammers, SDS MAX rotary hammers are often used where larger holes are drilled on a routine basis.  SDS MAX rotary hammers are available from Hilti, Bosch, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita and others.  FYI, Hilti calls their bit a TEY bit but SDS MAX bits are totally interchangeable, so if you have a larger Hilti tool it takes an SDS MAX.  Long length SDS MAX bits are available in diameters starting at 1/2″ up to 1-3/8″ that will drill up to 31″ holes.  Many times in existing facilities like hospitals, schools and many older buildings, you will run into an application where you simply will need one of these longer length SDS MAX bits to get through the wall or floor.  Smaller hammers handle bits up to 3/4″ that will drill 31″ but after that, there simply is too much resistance for these smaller hammers to handle.  At that point, the SDS MAX Rotary hammer will fit the bill.  If you are not sure what type of shank you hammer drill takes, give us a call 1-877-212-2377 we will help you out.  Keep in mind that in addition to the longer length SDS MAX bits, we also have a complete line of SDS MAX core bits when you need holes up to 6″ in diamter.

Ramset Cobra Plus Parts

Ramset Cobra Plus PartsWhile the Ramset Cobra Plus tool shares many parts with the Ramset Cobra (the standard Cobra tool is a clone tool, based on the tried and true Hilti DX-350 design) many parts differ.  Click here for the schematic and available parts for you Ramset Cobra Plus Tool. Not sure which tool you have?  The easiest way to tell the difference between the Cobra Plus and the Cobra is the power adjustment feature.  The Ramset Cobra Plus has a power adjustment feature and is commonly found in big box stores.  Most industrial tool suppliers favor the standard Cobra tool as it proves to be more durable than the Plus and parts are more readily available.  As mentioned earlier, the Cobra Plus does share many parts but  the entire front end of the tool and obviously the power adjustment parts are different.  While not all replacement parts are available some of the most common parts for the Cobra Plus like the piston and the fastener guide are stock items for us.

In addition to replacement parts for the tool, we offer an extension pole for the tool, allowing you to suspend ceiling grid wire and more from the floor.  We also offer a full line of power loads and pins for the tool.  Learn more at ConstructionFastening.Net

Disc Loads For Ramset D-60, D-45A & Autofast Tools

disc loads for ramset disc tools d-60 d45 d45a autofastWhile strip load type tools are by far the most common type of powder actuated, many of the Ramset Disc Load tools have been produced over the years and are still preferred by many contractors.  Disc tools tend to be a quieter tool, and do not advance the load until the trigger is pulled.  While disc loads can be hard to come buy in your big box stores ConstructionFastening.Net stocks all power levels of the disc loads.  So what power level should you use?  Ramset recommends using the lowest power level to do the job.  The loads, lowest to highest power are:  2D60/45 (brown), 3D60/45 (green), 4D60/45 (yellow) and 5D45 (red, for D45A only).  The most common disc loads tend to be the green and yellow, but your application will determine the load level.  Please note that the red disc load will not fit in a D-60 tool.  This load has a little to much power for the D-60 power adjustment front end so they made the load physically longer so it will not fit.  The red disc load in a Ramset D45-A tool with a 1-7/8″ Ramset Power Point pin is an awesome choice for attaching 2x material to steel beams.  Powers has come out with a disc load tool as called the P-60 that also takes the disc loads, up to a red.  If you are looking for disc loads to fit your Ramset or Powers disc load tools, check our site or give a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377.


Dustless Rotary Hammer Bits

Dril Ted D-go Expert Dust Extraction  Dustless Hammer Drill SDS MAXWe’v all heard of dustless rotary hammers, but have you ever heard of a dustless rotary hammer bit?  DrilTec is offering the D-Go Expert series of rotary hammer bits with an innovative design that gets dust out of your way.  Increasing safety regulations are creating more sites that require dust collection on any concrete drilling or cutting.  Existing and occupied facilities like offices and hospitals especially will benefit from a dustless set up like the new DrilTec D-Go hammer bits .  The bits are actually hollow allowing the dust to be extracted through the bit and into an attached vacuum.  Check out the video at our site, and see how much cleaner the operation can be!  Currently available in SDS Max which will fit SDS Max Rotary Hammers from Bosch, Hilti (TEY), DeWalt, Milwaukee and others.  Other shanks will be offered in time as well.  Currently available in SDS max sizes ranging from 1/2″ up to 1-1/4″ with drill usable length of 15-1/2″.  If you want a fast and easy way to perform dustless drilling in concrete, you will want to check out the DrilTec D-Go expert dust extracting bits.

New Self Drilling Eye Lags For 1/4″ Steel

ELDX Eye lag for 1 4 inch steel 4Self drilling eye lags for drilling into metal and wood ceiling decks have been around for some time now.  We are pleased to introduce the ELDX Self Drilling Eye Lag Screw for drilling into structural steel up to 1/4″ thick.  The best way to see what they can do for you is to check out the video at our site.  It shows several applications including drilling into 1/8″ steel in only 5 seconds!  The screws can be installed using an eye lag driver or the Lagmaster Plus pole tool which allows you to install the eye lag from the floor and tie the grid wire at the same time.  Check them out online at ConstructionFastening.Net  Self drilling eye lag screws are great for hanging drop ceilings, light fixtures, cable runs, signs and more.