Arlington Wire Grabber Kit

Arlington Wire GrabberYou likely have seen more and more fixtures, ducts and lighting being supported with braided wire cable on the job.   Products like the Erico/Caddy Speed Link and the Gripple have added a versatile option in many applications.  Arlington Industries has added their version of a braided wire hanger, the Wire Grabber System.  The key component to any of the systems is the clamp that actually locks on the cable.  The clamp on the Arlington is part# FLG3 and is not only available in kit form but also separately allowing you to purchase bulk cable and create your hangers on the fly.  It is easy to use with a thumb screw for a quick set and adjustment followed by a quick lock down with your screwdriver or pliers. NO SPECIAL TOOLS REQUIRED.

The Arlington Wire Grabber is available in several kit types.  A straight version with a loop on one end and straight cable and FLG3 clamp is available in lengths up to 30′.  There are so many things you could support with this kit, anything from duct work, cable runs with j hooks, signage and more.   A 10′ length kit with a toggle attached and straight wire plus the FLG3 clamp is available designed for  suspending light fixtures.  A “Y” kit is also available as well.

One thing that make the Arlington Wire Grabber system appealing over the other brands starts with cost, not only in the basic kit pricing but in the ability to purchase the wire grabber clamp outside a kit  (we offer them in packs of 10 on our site) and buy your cable in bulk. While kits have their advantage if you are doing a standard install over and over again for instance, but buying clamps and bulk cable allows you to create what you need as you need it with no waste.

The kits come with a .080 gauge braided cable that will provide a 75lb load in static situations.  If you have never used this type of hanger, grab a couple kits and give them a try.  If you have been using comparable systems you may be able to save your self some money  especially with the bulk cable option.

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