3/4″ J Hook Cable Hangers For Any Application

34 j hooks with attachmentsOne the most common hangers used in structured wiring applications, especially in security cabling where small cable runs are common is the 3/4″ j hook.   A variety of configurations are available to facilitate most any application.

Standard 3/4″ J Hooks

  • For your basic wall runs, the standard j hook works well.  Depending on the wall, they can be mounted with a variety of screws and small concrete anchors.  For concrete walls, they can often be shot on with a Hilti or Ramset type of tool.

3/4″ J Hooks With Hammer On Clamps

  • Many open warehouses have a bar joist type ceiling.  Using a 3/4″ j hook with a hammer on clamp makes for quick installations.  Most of these bar joists have a flange around 3/16″ of an inch.  If you have an I beam, you will need a thicker hammer on clamp.  Also check for a manufacture that offers the j hook set up to rotate 360 degrees so you can run any direction on the bar joist.

Multi-Clip 3/4″ J Hooks

  • 3/4″ j hooks with multi clips or bat wings as some call them area designed to grab on to ceiling grid wire, pencil rod and all thread up to 1/4″.  Simply squeeze the clip and position at desired height.  Make sure to follow codes as to whose grid wire you are clamping on to!

3/4″ J Hooks For Mounting To The Ceiling

Keep a variety of 3/4″ j hooks in stock and you will be able to handle any situation you run into in the field without spending time shopping for individual components to get the job done.

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