3 Cost Saving Alternatives To Using Costly Metal J Hook Data Cable Hangers

If  you are using brand name metal j hook hangers for structured cabling, you owe it to yourself to check out several of our low cost alternatives to costly metal j hooks.  Here are 3 low cost alternatives that will not only save you money on the hangers themselves, but the wide variety of custom assemblies will save you even more by making better use of your time.

1. Arlington Loops by Arlington Industries

Arlington Loop data cable hangerThe Arlington Loop has been on the market for years and offers some real advantages over the standard metal j hook offerings on the market.  The Arlington Loop is a plastic cable hanger that is UL listed for use in air handling spaces.  Available in 2″, 2-1/2″ and 5″ sizes.  These hangers lend themselves to all kinds of installations because of their unique mounting block that can fastened with 1/4″-20 hardware to beam clamps, threaded rod and many other hangers.  Check out the variety of custom versions of Arlington Loops.  The best part, a standard TL25 2-1/2″ Loop still comes in under a dollar.

2. Comdangles CD12 Cable Hangers

Comdangles data cable hangerThe new kid on the block is the Comdangles CD12 data cable hanger.  This is the first low voltage wire hanger designed to be used on ceiling grid wires.  The Comdangle hanger is being used extensively on some very large projects not only for data comm but for temporary lighting as well.  One thing that makes the Comdangles series of hangers so appealing is the ability to purchase them completely assembled to grid wire, ready to go.  Simply open the box and shoot them up with your Ramset or Hilti tools.



3. UL Listed Generic J Hooks

2 inch metal j hook for data cableMetal j hooks are still the preferred data cable hanger my many.  So if you prefer to use a metal j hook, why not give our generic UL  listed metal j hooks a tr?  I did a google search for the Caddy Cat32 j hook and the average cost today online is between $2.50-$5 each.  Our standard JH32 2″ j hook is still $1.79/each, every day.  We offer some custom assemblies as well on the metal j hooks including a version you can shoot right to the concrete deck with a powder actuated tools.  Give our j hook cable hangers a try for easy savings.

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