Pre Tying Your Own Ceiling Grid Wire

ceiling grid wire twisting toolWe sell hundreds of thousands of pre tied ceiling grid wire for Ramset & Hilti tools each year.  While most are sold to local customers, we sell many across the country as well.  One thing that really hinders our nationwide sales are the shipping charges.  This really is a shame because pre tied ceiling wires are becoming a must have fastener for many installations.  You will find some suppliers offering pre tied wires, but many times the clip choice is limited or the quality of the pin is sub par (yes pin quality makes a huge difference.)  So, here is an option for you to tie your own ceiling grid wire or pencil rod.

What You Need

  • Grid Wire Twist Tool.  The first thing you need is a wire twisting machine.  We offer a simple to use manual tool that with a little practice, will have you tying 300-400 wires an hour if you need that many!   The tool will handle standard ceiling clips for use in Ramset and Hilti type tools as well as bar joist clips, purlin clips and a variety of different eye wedge anchors.
  • Clips/Anchors.  As mentioned above, you will want to have quality ceiling clips if you are going to shoot the wires up with a powder actuated tool.  Keep in mind, cheap ceiling clips aren’t cheap when they bend or blow out especially as it cost you the labor, clip and load.  I recommend having a good quality balistic point pin clip on hand along with bar joist clips, purlin clips and eye wedge anchor on hand.  Doing so, you can tie up what you need when you need it.
  • Grid Wire.  Grid wire or pencil rod is available from many of the big box stores.  You will typically use 12 gauge wire.  You can cut to length with a cutters or if you want to cut bundles, an abrasive chop saw or grinder will make quick work of it.  Standard lengths are 6′ and 12′.
  • Work Area.  You will obviously need a table or work area to bolt the tie machine to and the longer the wire the bigger area you will need.  You may want to bolt the tie machine to the wall and then use a long 1″ x 12″ mounted to the wall, almost like a shelf to tie on.  Add a couple of 1″ x 3″ to the sides to keep the wire in check.
  • Labor.  Nobody likes tying wire.  I know, I have tied many, many wires.  So here is a great way to get someone to tie them.  Offer them piece work to tie them.  I had a neighbor kit tie for me for a while, I paid him $.04/each, he was making $16 bucks an hour in his garage and watch TV at the same time.

How To Do It

Well I could try to explain it to you, but the video below does a better job.  It may look a little tedious but you will get fast at it and learn a few tricks along the way.  Again, the idea of paying someone piece work will insure it gets tied and fast.   Tying your own ceiling grid wire to clips for powder actuated tools, bar joist and purlin clips and eye wedge anchors can be a very viable option for the small user.  You will save the money on the high shipping associated with pre tied wires and have the ability make exactly what you need for the job on the f



Toggler Brand Strap Toggle Bolt Anchors

toggler brand strap toggle bolt anchorToggle bolts are one of the basics of any installers kit.  Toggler Brand Strap Toggles should be the standard toggle bolt!  Toggler strap toggles are so much easier to install than a standard toggle bolt.  Just drill a 1/2″ hole (as opposed to a 5/8″ or 3/4″ for standard toggles), slip in, zip up and break off the plastic straps.  The Toggler strap toggle allows you to use a shorter screw as well as you don’t have to acommodate the extra length of the folded toggle wings.  The anchors will work on drywall from 3/8″ to 5/8″ drywall and the manufacture boasts that in 5/8″ drywall the toggle bolt will hold up to 365 lbs.  I know what you are thinking, who in their right mind would hang 365 lbs on a toggle bolt.  I agree, but you will see as you use these strap toggles, they are very secure and your best bet for fastening to drywall.

Now here is one of my favorite things about the Toggler strap toggle, removal.  If you have an application where you may need to remove something you have installed, and you will eventually, your know what a pain unscrewing a standard toggle bolt can be.  With the strap toggle, you just back out the screw.  If you need to install or replace, the threads are still there waiting for you in place.  Typically the anchors are are shipped without screws so make sure you grab some as well.

Check out the install video on the Toggler Strap Toggle here and you will see why these are the toggle bolt anchor of choice for easy installation and removal.