Hellerman Tyton CTM110C2 Tie Mounts With Screws

Hellerman Tyton CTM110C2 Tie Mounts/Screw Kit 100/PKIt is such a simple thing,  yet so frustrating, having the right tie mount but the wrong screw to fasten it.  Especially is it noticeable if you are trying to fasten tie mounts to a plywood backer board up against a concrete or block wall.  We are now offering a combo kit that includes 100 each of  the Hellerman Tyton tie mount, designed for use with 18 through 50 pound cable ties and a 6 x 3/4″ coarse drywall screw.   The screw seats fully in the mount and is short enough to not go through your plywood backer board.  The Hellerman/Tyton CTM110C2 is the tie wrap mount of choice for our limited voltage and data contractors and now they are even easier to use with the included correct screw.  Find them online at ConstructionFastening.Net  While there, check out our red 8″ and 15″ red tie wraps, UL listed for use in air handling spaces.  A nice quality tie wrap at a nice price!

J Hooks For Data Cable

J Hooks For Cable Okay, J Hooks for data cabling really are boring. Saving time and money on your project, now that’s a little more interesting. Check out our generic UL listed j hooks and see how easy it is to save. .The first thing you will note is the price. Our 2″ standard j hook sells for $1.79. That’s not a special price, that is a standard everyday price. Our 3/4″ j hooks are well under a buck. But don’t just check the price, check out the variety. We have the popular multi clip version of the j hook, allowing you to mount quickly to grid wire or 1/4″ rod. By the way if you need to install a grid wire or 1/4″ rod to suspend your j hooks, we have some great hangers and tools for that as well. One of our more unique offerings is the 2″ J hook mounted to a shooter clip for Ramset & Hilti tools so you can shoot your j hook tight to the concrete deck.  We use a quality Ramset ballistic point pin for excellent results even in hard concrete.
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