Extra Long Length High Speed Steel Drill Bits

Tru Cut Extra Length High Speed Steel Aircraft Extension BitsSometimes there is no getting around it you need a really long high speed steel drill bit for the job. Sometimes especially in security work. you end up drilling in steel doors and door frames to install contacts. Whatever the application, when you need a long bit, you need it! We are now offering high speed drill bits in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ sizes in lengths 48″. We have longer lengths available as well, up to 72″ if need be available as special order. These bits are sometimes referred to as aircraft bits or aircraft extension bits as they are used for drill down long narrow areas in aircraft construction. Designed for drilling both mild steel and wood. These are nice quality bits made in the US. If you don’t see the size you need listed, give us a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377 we can likely get it for you. Find our extra long length high speed drill bits and extra length sds hammer drill bits online at ConstructionFastening.Net

Lagmaster Plus Telescopic Ceiling Tool Upgrades

lagmaster plus ceiling pole toolThe Lagmaster Plus Telescopic Ceiling Tool has been the most versatile eye lag ceiling pole tool for years.  Upgrades to the accessory kit will make Lagmaster Plus even more useful.  So what’s new?  For starters, the kit itself is now in a more durable and is easy to open and close.  More plug ins have been added to the kit.  Here is the list of the what is included in the kit:

  • Wire Plug-in – Set Screw version – Installs ceiling wire & jack chain
  •  5/8″ Plug-in – Designed for use with Sammy screws
  • 5/8″ Vertigo Plug-in – Designed for use with Power’s Vertigo screws
  • ½” Square Drive socket adapter Plug-In
  • ¼” Hex Plug-in – Accepts ¼” hex drivers
  • Viper Plug-in – Compatible with Viper 3 and Power’s Sniper
  • ½” NPT Plug-in – Designed for use with the HOIT-AL installation tool
  • Broom Thread Plug-in

In particular new plugs are for the Vertigo anchor, a competitor to the Sammy Screw Anchor, a 1/2″ socket adapter which allows you to click a regular socket on the pole and the broom thread plug in a re the new additions. Starting immediately, when you order a Lagmaster Plus tool, you will get the new kit.  The accessory kit is also available as a Retro Kit which includes a base plug if you have a standard Lagmaster tool.  You can find the Lagmaster Plus Telescopic Ceiling Tool at ConstructionFastening.Net