CCP J Hooks Provide A Clean Look For Cable Installation

CCP J Hooks

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J hooks are typically mounted somewhere in the ceiling and forgotten.  They have a simple job, support your cable in a safe secure manner. From time to time though your cable runs are exposed for all to see.  One of the best looking j hooks on the market is the CCP line of j hooks.  Available in 1″, 2″ and 3″ sizes, the CCP line of j hooks are a metal based j hook covered with a plastic sleeve providing support along with a slick surface for pulling cable.  The hook has a closure that can be opened over and over again for adding more cable along the way.  You will find the CCP j hooks competitively priced with other j hooks on the market.  When you have a job that needs a little cleaner look, give the CCP j hooks a try.  Available online at ConstructionFastening.Net


Drywall Anchor Options

Everyone has their favorite method for fastening to drywall, here are few options for you to consider when you need to mount to the drywall.

Powers Wall Dog.  The Powers Wall Dog is a one piece drywall anchor that lends itself to fast light weight applications.  The anchor has a sharp point and very coarse threads and is designed as a one stop installation.  Simple drive it in and you are done.  Best used in lightweight static applications, perhaps on a sensor up and out of the way.

Powers 2316 Wall Dog

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ITW Buildex EZ Anchor

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EZ Anchors.  ITW has been producing the EZ Ancor line for some time and there are several other manufactures producing a similar anchor.  The most common size is used with a #8 screw but you can get a light version that will take a #6 as well.  The anchor offers more holding power than the wall dog or a blue cone anchor.  Very easy to install, just screw in and add the screw.  Available in metal or nylon.




Strap Toggles.  Strap toggles offer a few advantages over the standard toggle bolt.  With the strap toggle, you drill a hole, insert the toggle and zip it up against the wall.  You are left with the toggle bar left in position.  Available in 3/16″ , 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes.  Screws are sold separately.

Strap toggle

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That’s obviously just a few drywall anchor options.  Again everyone has their favorite, these just happen to be mine.  These are stocking standards for most of our customers.  Check out these and more at ConstructionFastening.Net

Using The Sammy Express Anchor In Metal Roof Deck

Sammy Express Anchors

Sammy Express Anchors

The Sammy Express anchor is designed for use in metal roof decks and in many instances can replace the use of strut for suspending cable tray, j hooks, access points and more.  The Sammy Express anchor is easy to install.  The required install tool includes a drill covered by a sleeve that contains the driver.  You can click here to see a video of the process.  After you drill the hole, slide the driver back on the tool and install the Sammy Express anchor.  The tool will collapse the anchor behind the roof deck making a secure installation.  Now simply add your threaded rod and suspend to desired height.

Sammy Express Install Tool

Sammy Express Install Tool

The Savings.  Now here is where your savings come in.  Let’s assume you need to hang a couple of threaded rods to support a cable tray or just an access point.  First off, if you have been spanning the bar joist with a $20 piece of strut, adding a couple of clamps to pin it in place, then a couple of spring nuts, you have a cost of around $25 in parts.  Secondly, you have the labor of driving back and forth with your lift from one bar joist to the other to complete the fastening.  With the Sammy Express anchor, you will need 2 anchors, that’s it, to get to the same installation point.  You are in one spot, drilling two small holes and installing two anchors.  Install time probably about 2 minutes, it will take you longer to spot the location than set the anchors.  Total anchor cost under $8.  Yes the install tool will set you back a little, but you will never regret it.

The Sammy Express anchors have both UL and FM Listings.  Holding power is fairly impressive with an ultimate pullout of  over 1,000 so they can handle a wide range of applications in the data cable and security fields.  Click here for more data.  The Sammy Express anchor is available to handle 1/4″ for vertical mounting and 3/8″ for vertical, horizontal and swivel applications.  Find them on line at ConstructionFastening.Net