Tie Wire Wedge Anchors

Pre Tied Tie Wedge AnchorTie Wire Wedge AnchorWhile shooting pre tied ceiling clips to a concrete ceiling is one of the fastest ways to suspend grid wire or pencil rod, there are times when you are not allowed to shoot by the management of the facility or because of the make up of the concrete.  In this application, using a tie wire wedge anchor will fit the bill nicely.  A tie wire wedge anchor is very similar to a standard wedge anchor that you would use to bolt racks and other equipment to a poured concrete floor.  Instead of a threaded stud, you are left with an eye that you can fasten jack chain or ceiling grid wire to.  Installation is simple, just drill a 1/4″ hole, hammer in the tie wire wedge and give a tug.  One advantage a tie wire wedge anchor offers over shooting is more holding power and a sure set every time.  Tie wire wedge anchors are available pre tied with to both 4′ and 6′ ceiling grid wire.  With our ODM overhead drill machine, you now have the luxury of installing these anchors from the floor!  Check out the video at our site.  Next time you can’t use your Ramset or Hilti tool for shooting up grid wire, check out the easy to use tie wire wedge anchor.

J Hooks With Bat Wings

j hooks with bat wingsJ Hooks with bat wings are one of the most common types of j hooks used for data cabling.  The bat wings as they are called are clips that will mount on to pencil rod, ceiling grid wire, 1/4″ all thread and smooth rod.  While they will clip on to 3/8″ all thread with a little effort, not all j hooks with bat wings show data for these applications.  This usually isn’t a real issue as the loads are usually quite low.  While clipping on to existing ceiling grid supports is a no no, j hooks with bat wings still have many applications.  You can shoot up your own ceiling wire and clip and add on j hooks at different heights for different runs.  Shooter clips are also available with 1/4″ all thread installed which work perfect in situations where you are not allowed to hang on a grid wire or where you would want to have more of a rigid install.  Simply shoot in the rod and add you j hooks with bat wings at the desired level.  J hooks with bat wings are available in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to 4″.  Check out our j hooks with bat wings along with a wide variety of  data cable hangers online.

Bridle Ring Installation Video

Check out the brief video below for some installation ideas when you are using bridle rings.  While bridle rings may not be the data cable hanger of choice for data sensitive cable, for many simple wire applications they still fit the bill.  The fastest way to install a bridle ring to concrete is with our shooter clip designed for use in Hilti, Ramset and other powder actuated tools.  Not shown in the video are the Sammy Super Screws which make for easy install of bridle rings in metal decking and wood.

vidoe image

Support Rods For J Hooks, Data Cable Hangers & More

j hook shooter rodWhen ceiling grid wire hangers or pencil rod doesn’t  offer enough rigidity or code won’t allow you to use a ceiling grid wire to support your hangers, consider our SC14 shooter rod hangers.  The SC14 shooter rods are designed for use in Ramset, Hilti, Powers, Simpson and other powder actuated tools.   Available with in lengths from 12″ to 36″ these hangers lend themselves to many install applications.  Use them with an Arlington Loop or j hooks for fast cable hanger installs.  One very common install involves mounting  a j hook or loop at the bottom and then adding a second j hook or loop with a mutli clip midway up the rod.  These can be assembled on the floor and installed with a powder tool on an extension pole.

Many electricians are using them for their BX cable runs.  Simple shoot in and fasten your BX cable with a clip like the Caddy KX clip.  Simple to use, open the box and shoot!  The uses for these shooter clips are endless.