3 Cost Saving Alternatives To Using Costly Metal J Hook Data Cable Hangers

If  you are using brand name metal j hook hangers for structured cabling, you owe it to yourself to check out several of our low cost alternatives to costly metal j hooks.  Here are 3 low cost alternatives that will not only save you money on the hangers themselves, but the wide variety of custom assemblies will save you even more by making better use of your time.

1. Arlington Loops by Arlington Industries

Arlington Loop data cable hangerThe Arlington Loop has been on the market for years and offers some real advantages over the standard metal j hook offerings on the market.  The Arlington Loop is a plastic cable hanger that is UL listed for use in air handling spaces.  Available in 2″, 2-1/2″ and 5″ sizes.  These hangers lend themselves to all kinds of installations because of their unique mounting block that can fastened with 1/4″-20 hardware to beam clamps, threaded rod and many other hangers.  Check out the variety of custom versions of Arlington Loops.  The best part, a standard TL25 2-1/2″ Loop still comes in under a dollar.

2. Comdangles CD12 Cable Hangers

Comdangles data cable hangerThe new kid on the block is the Comdangles CD12 data cable hanger.  This is the first low voltage wire hanger designed to be used on ceiling grid wires.  The Comdangle hanger is being used extensively on some very large projects not only for data comm but for temporary lighting as well.  One thing that makes the Comdangles series of hangers so appealing is the ability to purchase them completely assembled to grid wire, ready to go.  Simply open the box and shoot them up with your Ramset or Hilti tools.



3. UL Listed Generic J Hooks

2 inch metal j hook for data cableMetal j hooks are still the preferred data cable hanger my many.  So if you prefer to use a metal j hook, why not give our generic UL  listed metal j hooks a tr?  I did a google search for the Caddy Cat32 j hook and the average cost today online is between $2.50-$5 each.  Our standard JH32 2″ j hook is still $1.79/each, every day.  We offer some custom assemblies as well on the metal j hooks including a version you can shoot right to the concrete deck with a powder actuated tools.  Give our j hook cable hangers a try for easy savings.

Mini Drop In Anchors For Shallow Embedment For Post Tension Concrete

Drop in anchors are a common anchor in most trades for fastening to solid concrete.  For most applications the standard length drop in type anchor works well.  However there are situations that require shallow embedment or mini drop in anchors.  The most likely situation is post tension concrete.  Fastening to post tension concrete requires caution due to the tensioned cable below the surface.   Most situations allow you to drill up to 3/4″, ruling out standard drop in anchors.  Shallow embedment or mini drop in anchors are available in 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ sizes.  These anchors will fully set at 3/4″ embedment making them a great choice when you are limited in drill depth. It is recommended that you use what is called a stop bit while drilling for these anchors.  These bits have a collar on them  preventing them from drilling the hole deeper than allowed.  These bits are actually a great time saver in that they prevent you from drilling your hole deeper than necessary.  If you over drill your anchor hole by just a quarter of an inch, that would mean you are drilling the equivalent of one extra hole every 3 holes!  If you are using a cordless SDS rotary hammer, this can drop your hole count per charge by 25%.   These bits are also available for you standard drop in anchors as well.  As a contractor it is your responsibility to make sure you are allowed to drill in the post tension concrete.  If 3/4″ drill depth is permitted, then the min drop in or shallow embedment anchor is a great problem solver.

Overhead Fastening With The Ramset Viper 4

Ramset has been making quality powder actuated tools for years.  The Viper tool quickly became a favorite tool of anyone doing overhead fastening.  Whether hanging ceiling wires, light fixtures or data cable runs, the Viper tool is designed specifically for shooting to the ceiling.  The earliest version was a very simple tool that required manual advance.  The tool was a real work horse but it required daily cleaning.  The latest version, the Ramset Viper 4 is a great tool for overhead fastening.   The tool offers automatic advance and a unique pole system that is stable and expandable from 3′ to the moon just by adding extension segments.  The Viper 4 tool has the added safety feature of a separate sleeve for activation making it safer than other contact tools.  You can’t just lean on the tool by mistake and set it off, it must be in contact with the ceiling, and both hands on the pole.  I would add an important point on the Ramset Viper 4 tool:  POLES ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE WITH PREVIOUS MODELS!  We are finding that many online marketers not only don’t understand the tools, but don’t understand the importance of the right extension for the tool.  If you have any questions on the Ramset Viper 4,  visit our store online at ConstructionFastening.Net or call us toll free at 1-877-212-2377.





Bridle Ring Flange Clip/Beam Clamp

If you are using the Caddy’s® 2FMP28 multi clip for bridle rings, you know this is a very versatile clip.  Not only does the 2FMP38 accept 10-24, 1/4-20 and smooth shank bridle rings but it will hammer on securely to any 1/8″ to 1/2″ flange.  The design allows you to turn your bridle ring a full 360 degrees.  Add a jam nut on the bridle ring if you want to lock the position of the ring on the 2FMP28.  This clip teams up well our generic bridle rings or our bridle rings with saddles.  This clip also lends itself to use with our 2″ bridle ring with angle bracket.  Simply hammer on and add j hook with a short 1/4-20 screw.  Our version of the Caddy® 2FMP28 is part # HOKFMP and comes packed 50 per box.

HOKFMP Compare With Caddy 2FMP28 Blog

Turn Your Lagmaster Plus Eye Lag Pole Into A Heavy Duty Extension Pole

Lagmaster plus extension pole broom thread plugYou can turn your Lamgaster Plus eye lag pole into a heavy duty extension poles simply by adding the Lagmaster Plus Broom Thread Plug. Now your Lagmaster plus is a a heavy duty extension pole that will accept any attachment with broom thread including brushes, light bulb changers, tree saw ends, paint rollers, sanding pads, the list goes on and on. Accepts any broom thread.  You can find the Lagmaster Plus pole tool, the Lagmaster Plus Broom Thread Plug and a complete line of specialty tools and fasteners on line at ConstructionFastening.Net

Crane Gopher Pole Push Pull Pole

Crane 90520 Gopher Pole Push Pull PoleWhile there are many brands of gopher poles or push pull poles on the market,  time and again, the preference seems to be the Crane 95020 Gopher Pole.  The Crane 90520 gopher p0le or push pull pole is telescopic, 52″ while collapsed and extends to 22 feet and weighs under 4 lbs.  Some of  bigger electrical supply houses have moved away from the Crane Gopher pole for  lines such as Greenlee and others, but still ask the contractors and they will tell you they prefer the Crane 90520.   One real plus the telescopic design offers is when you are on the ladder, you have the complete tool with you and you can feed it out rather than fumbling with sections screwing them on then adding another length and so on.  If you have never tried a  Gopher 90520 push pull gopher pole, give it a try and see why it has been preferred gopher pole for years.

Sammy Screws For 1/2″ Threaded Rod

ITW Buildex Sammy Screw For 1/2The Sammy Super Screw has been on the market for quite some time.  You have likely seen them being used by any trade suspending rod from the ceiling.   You will find similar products like the Powers Vertigo, Simpson Titen Rod Hanger, Elco Hangermate and others.  While the most common size is 3/8″ we are now stocking them for 1/2″ threaded rod.  These are perfect for when you need a little more than a 3/8″ rod.  For wood we stock both the Sammy Super Screw GST2 (ITW Buildex #8013925) and the GST3 (ITW Buildex #8015925).  The Sammy Super Screws for 1/2″ rod are available for concrete and steel.  We are a full line Sammy Screw dealer so if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call.

Better Success Fastening Ceiling Clips With Your Ramset & Hilti Powder Tools

Hilti and Ramset tools have been a great asset to many trades including the data comm field for hanging cable hooks. Overhead fastenings can be a challenge in some concrete. Power Point Ceiling Clip For Hilti Ramset ToolsIf your having trouble with low success rates when shooting ceiling clips into the concrete deck above, the problem many times can be traced back to the quality of your pin. Most tool supply houses and even the big box stores offer pins and loads for Ramset and Hilti tool. The problem is, many are stocking the cheapest pins available to maximize sales and profit. The result is that when you run into brittle concrete or pre cast decks, you can have a lot of blow outs. If you are shooting up a ceiling clip with pre attached, every failed fastening can start to add up. If you are having more blow outs than you like, or you are getting a lot of fish hooked pins, consider a ballistic point pin like the Ramset SPC78 and Ramset SPC114 series of ceiling clips. These clips are assembled using a polished point pin rather than a standard “pinched” point. See the pictures, there is a difference. Add to that the thicker shank on these ceiling clips and you will see fewer blow outs and less fish hooking of your pins. The SPC114 pin has an even thicker shank than the SPC78 and while you may not be able to sink it all the way, get it in 3/4″ and you will have a solid support for your light fixtures and cable hooks. For even better success, use a Ramset or Hilti tool made just for overhead work like the Ramset Viper 4.