12-24 Self Drilling Screws Drill Up To 1/2″ Steel

Hex Self Drill Screw 12-24 Tek 512-24 tek 5 self drilling screwMounting to steel columns and I-beams can be a nuisance.  Check out an easier way to mount gang boxes, back boards, camera brackets and more to steel, up to 1/2″ steel.  Check out the picture, we installed these screws into an I-beam in our warehouse using a cordless impact driver.  These 12-24 (commonly referred to as TEK screws or TEK 5) self drilling screws tend to install better with the extra speed that the cordless impact driver offers.  The screws have a 5/16″ head.  We have them available in 1-1/4″ and 2″ length with a number 5 point that will handle up to 1/2″ steel.  We also have them in a 7/8″ length and a number 4 point, rated for about 1/4″ steel.  You will want to have them on hand, they have a ton of uses.  Check out our self drilling line of screws and more at ConstructionFastening.Net

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